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October 10, 2023

Ashley Cathers

St. Louis Sports Clinic is excited to welcome new members to its community and reintroduce itself to loyal patients. With a commitment to understanding the root causes of symptoms and offering a comprehensive approach, they go beyond quick fixes to help individuals achieve long-term relief and peak performance. Their dedication to leading by example and continuous growth sets them apart, making it a place where people seeking more from their healthcare providers and wellness journey can find a home.

Hello and welcome to the inaugural St. Louis Sports Clinic Blog!

For those of you who are new here, we would first and foremost like to say “welcome.” We are genuinely thrilled to have you as a part of our community. For our clinic veterans reading this, we still welcome you and want to take the time to reintroduce ourselves.

Many of you may be confused. You may not have known a name change was in the works, you may have only know us as Elite Sports Medicine or – more than likely – you only know the clinic as “Dr. Tony’s.”

But, as with all things, there comes a time to evolve into something bigger and better…Enter: St. Louis Sports Clinic!

St. Louis Sports Clinic is still the “Dr. Tony’s” you know and love, but enhanced with addition of new team members, an amazing renovation of an office and rehab space, and more opportunities for you, our community and patients, to grow and achieve your movement and performance goals.

So without further adieu, we would like to introduce who we are as a clinic, why we are different and why would someone choose to work with us and become a part of our community.

When it comes to patient care, we at St. Louis Sports Clinic pride ourselves for being different. No, not different as in grand promises and magic cures…but different because we are committed to fully understanding you and your symptoms. And, perhaps more importantly, we are committed to understand exactly WHY you have your symptoms – what is the root cause? We dive deep and seek to understand the full picture – your full picture. Are there other factors influencing the root cause? How do your symptoms impact your life and goals?

Once we understand your full picture, we work together – our clinical team and you – to form a comprehensive plan that will allow you to truly manage or solve the issue for good.

Of course, this all sounds fine and dandy, and a lot like what many other places that could offer you the same or similar outcomes… But do you what to know the real reason people venture to our corner of Chesterfield, MO? The reason our trusted community of clinicians and other patients continue to refer people to our doors? The reason people who have tried other avenues of care or have never tried chiropractic care take a chance on us and see what St. Louis Sports Clinic has to offer?

Because these people are looking for more.

More from their health care providers. More from the health and wellness industry. More from their own abilities to feel and move and perform their best. They are looking for more.

And we deliver.

St. Louis Sports Clinic delivers more than just a one-size-fits-all quick adjustment or soft tissue treatment. We deliver more than just temporary relief. People come to St. Louis Sports Clinic because we offer and deliver a unique, comprehensive approach that allows each person that walks through our doors the opportunity to finally experience long term relief, move better, and perform their best.

We deliver on our promise to stay committed to you – our patients, our community.

We deliver on our promise to lead by example and not just tell you how to achieve your goals, but show you how it’s possible. We deliver on our promise to do the right thing by you, by our profession, by each other. To stay disciplined in our craft and practice. To always seek growth within research, evaluation and treatment options, within communities, and within ourselves. To be intentional with every encounter, every conversation, every step forward. To remain humble, and grateful for each person that trusts us with their care.

Sound like a place you’d like to be a part of? Excellent. We are beyond ecstatic to welcome you.

Want to learn more? Check out our socials and website to learn even more about what we offer. Or, better yet, schedule a time to come to our office and see the magic unfold for yourself.

Still on the fence or just can’t get enough of the St. Louis Sports Clinic atmosphere?? Join us for our GRAND OPENING EVENT AT 9AM on SUNDAY OCTOBER 29TH, 2023 to check us out!!!!


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